11:20 PM
It has been soooo long since I blogged, bout 2 months?
Oh wells..
I just got back from my 1 week bangkok trip. I'll say its a good shopping place, but I really cannot stand the air pollution and dirty environment. But things are really cheap there. We went for massages like EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. Really makes me feel like a queen there...
Its friggin' hot there too.. All in all, at least I got to travel this year. I wanna go Korea next year!

Hmm, went night cycling with ODAC....

I've always have the insomnia problem, so last night I tried to sleep with the lavender-scented candle.. I think it kinda help. I was like deeply asleep soon after. So, my friends who have problem with sleeping.. U may wanna try aromatherapy.

Its been so long since I last met up with my friends. Hope all is good...

Its quite a random post, I'll be back soon with more updates.

Till then.....

7:07 AM
I realised my entries recently have been about my partying experiences. That's bad.
I should party lesser. Yea, this is the right thing to do.
Till more money comes in! Haha
But recently I realised my dream of clubbing with fit and friends =) its not that bad at all.

I dont have much to update bout my life. Its relaxing and cool. I like it.
But, I'm considering to work cuz of the money-diminishing problem. Ha.

Hmm, being a relationship has shown me different sides of myself. Sometimes, I 'wow' myself. Intense circumstances will bring out the crazy me. Its just like the devil is taking over. I hate that extreme side of myself. I really need to gain control of myself. I really shouldnt lose to myself. The 'exciting' rollercoaster ride is really taking me for a ride.

I was thinking bout my future earlier. I feel like a lost lamb.

Insomnia is making me look hideous. Fuck.

I can't think of any interesting things to update. Sorry for such a boring entry. Endure with me guys.

05S09: How? How? We havent met each other since Char's bday in April.
Lessies: Girls, im missing u girls like crazy!


3:56 AM
I think I will survive my holis without working and just slack through out. But this is soooo aimless and waste of time. I know I know....
But, I'm still lazy and super don't feel like going to search for jobs. Argh.
Oh wells.

LOU, lets go search for jobs tgt AGAIN!

Holis so far so good =)
Party last night was crazy. The craziest so far... OMG.
But its sooooooo crowded on the dancefloor. There was so much pushing and being pushed.
I was like "omg, im gonna die. STAMPEDE!"
Lou, Char, CJ and ZQ laughed at my stupidity.
Went to this HK restuarant called Happy Valley for breakfast/supper... the food there is REALLY nice. I like it.
Friends, lets go there for food more often! But its kinda inconvenient though...

I am really anticipating for FIT to finish his hectic and stressful week. We havent spend much time with each other. Its time to catch up.......

Love all.

10:34 AM
Alrightey, while I'm meeeting for my videos to load.. I decided to blog instead.

Hmm, holidays so far so good.
Party-ed at Phuture, like finally. The company was great. It was my first time partying with Brian too. Oh wells...
I love Jagerbombs! Great sweet drink. I like =)
I can't wait for the next party.

Rollerblade and Marina barrage with my beloved Odacians.
I think I've gotten more steady with blading. It has became kinda without effort now. Easy and fun. I love going to ECP but the only prob is... the distance between my house and the east beach. Ugh.

Met up with Paulina too. Had a great chat with her. Good movie and good dinner. Looking forward to meeting up with her more often since she's gonna start working in the west side soon.

To sum it up, it has been a lazy and non-hectic week for me. It was kinda good in a way. Its not as if I have much money to squander away. I still need to save for my overseas trips!
H1N1 please go away!

Will be back.

7:39 PM
Finally, its Over!
It feels so good to be smelling and enjoying freedom now.

But, Corporate Finance shall be my best enemy AGAIN next yr. Sheesh. Paper is damn hard las.. I really wanted to left the hall aft just 1.5 hr. Its quite a regret. Finishing my exams knowing for sure I'm definitely gonna retake CF again. Damn.

Oh wells.
Its retail therapy day today!

Message to mag: CONTINUE FIGHTING! U can still call me anytime, anyday u want. I wil be available for you. I promise I wont tell u bout my schedules. Anyways, I've got no plans either. No friends =(
You work hard huh! =))

11:07 AM
Hmm, I kinda sick and tired of blogging bout how sucky my exams are.
I'm really sick and tired of it.
But, I am glad that its all going to end in 3 days! 3 freaking days!

Alrights, lets talk bout other things..
Hmm, recently I'm thinking I have no friends. Ok, not no friends. But all my friends are occupied with their own stuff, so I dont have much ppl to party with....
Friends, please date me out! I am gonna be soooo free after exams!

Hmm, Char and me had a little argument that day. Come to think of it, its actually kinda childish. Oh wells. Small tiffs can make our relationship better right?
Char, I still love you as much! =)
(ps: your fav colour, see im so nice to you! I hate purple)

Hmm, I wanna blog bout Fit. But I dont know what I should say bout him. Hmmm...
Ah fit is very fit.
He teaches me how to 'silence' ppl within 5 seconds. Silence as in, killing. OMG.
He teaches me how to punch and kick.
We match very well cuz we think sleeping is sooooo important.
I think I talk toooo much when I'm with him, maybe its cuz he is too quiet.
He is a extreme non-expressive person. But I'm still stuck on him.
We are totally diff from each other. Even on the outlook, he is black. I am white. He is hard, I am soft = nua. Haha..
Weirdly, we got together with each other and we're approaching our one yr six mths soon.
Thumbs up to both of us. TWO THUMBS UP FOR MYSELF!
ok, this is kinda mushy but...

Fit, I'm lovin' you!

EEKS! That is so mushy, I dont know what coming over me. Haha, I think I should go to sleep now.
Nights all.


1:46 AM
POA paper is a goner.
Management for examination sucks totally.
In preparation for my thursday paper - Managerial Economics.
I really hope everything will end soon.

Then, I can divert my attention to other things. Too much free time leads to excessive thinking and wild imagination. I don't want to be bothered anymore.

Argh, it is a vicious cycle that is driving me crazy.

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